What Home Based Business Opportunity is Best For You and Your Family?

With over Five thousand home based business opportunities flooding the home based business industry it makes it difficult for the person interested in earn extra income from home to discover a legitimate home based business. People get involved in the industry with the hopes of making it big, however not too may make it..The allure of cash is what most are chasing in our industry but only 3% are actually making any money. Exactly why is this? Well, we will get into that a little later in the following paragraphs. First let’s talk about how you should start discovering the right opportunity.Lotions, Potions and Pills are what most company’s are pushing out there. Over priced Juices whereby company’s claim have astonishing health benefits, pills and potions to cure ailments or promote vital health are seen all to often. I say refrain from this competitive market.Let’s face the brutal truth, most companies have their distributors on an autoship program, which means your destined to be buying product you probably don’t need on a monthly basis and your gonna need to find others to try and do the same to create some kind of money. They’re not in demand products, you will need to create the demad by explaining to people the benefits, doing tastings, home parties, etc… Who needs the trouble.You should possess a product that is in high in demand and is an asset. You might be saying to yourself, what? Is there this type of product?Happily, the answer is yes. There’s a Tampa based MLM company that provides it’s distributors with Numismatic gold and siver coins. A couple of you will think that’s crazy. I say it’s fricking brilliant.I want to ask you a question and you’ll be able to determine if this home based business opportunity is right for you. If someone pulled up to the front of your house with a semi stuffed with $40 a bottle superjuice and said Let me provide you with all of this for nothing, would you stuff your garage with it? Some folks may say yes, but here’s what I know.Regardless of just how much product you’ve got available, if you dont know how to market that juice, it’ll wilt in 90 days after which your stuck with a garage packed with spoiled juice.Now, next scenario. Let’s say I back a semi stuffed with gold and silver and offer it to you. Your not only likely to unload every last coin, your going to be checking under the seats, inside the wheel wells and under the engine compartment to ensure you got every last piece.So you see the difference. You have an asset rather then a potentially spoilable consumable comodity like juice.So if you determine, “What home-based business opportunity is right for me?”, Keep that at heart.Lastly, when looking at a home-based business opportunities, you need to ensure that the company teaches it’s distributors the right way to market both online and offline and features a system.99% of MLM companies system revolves around making lists of friends and family and calling those closest to you to expose them to the opportunity. Who the hell is comfortable doing that? After helping tons of struggling network marketers over the years, Not a soul IS REALLY COMFORTABLE DOING IT.Most reps with this industry fail due to three things. Insufficient leads, lack of money and lack of education. Within my teams gold and silver business, we deal with that problem by incorporating the internets #1 attraction marketing program. You see, it’s not what you are able to do, it’s what you can duplicate. People that learn the art of marketing online, can market anything.So it’s your choice. You can either market what 90 % of individuals are marketing (Overpriced Juice, Potions and Pills), or you can market and collect a real asset and simultaneously get an internet marketing education. Seperate yourself from the crowd and make the right choice when looking at a home based business opportunity.~Joshua K. Boxer
Father, Author, Marketer

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